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We are the Back Office Support Dream Team for your growing business. We provide you the freedom to concentrate on what you do best and the support on the things you do not have time for. See our services listed below and decide if you want only one dream fulfilled or all.


Maintaining accurate financial records while keeping up with industry demands is an added task for an already busy entrepreneur. Tanner & Tanner provides accurate bookkeeping with solid reporting that secure financial benefits for business owners. 


Accurate Data Entry, Reconciliations, Financials
Be more productive and save yourself hours of work. 
We specialize in alternative funding record-keeping.

IT Management

Hosting, Data Quality and Security, System efficiency.  Secure and protect your valuable information.  Improve your business health with efficient systems.

IT Management

Whether you need PC Rollout Engineering, Application Integration or a new Infrastructure, Tanner & Tanner is the best choice for you.  We work closely with you to make your Information Technology as smooth as possible. Being adept, flexible and skilled we are here to help you with your Windows Upgrade, Application Rollout, Imaging Project or PC migration.


Human Resources

Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Social Media Keep your clients happy with clear communications.  Keep your name in front of potential clients.

Hiring, On-Boarding, Workers Comp management.  Keep up with California laws and regulations.  Keep up with your employees

Tanner & Tanner can save and lower costs to your business. We can also speedup and streamline your company processes. We will help you with time and money management. We work with you to make your dream come true.

Ask us how.

Tanner & Tanner

Balance for your business.  

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